What We're About

Interstate-95 runs along the entire U.S. East Coast, passing through every state's major city from Miami to Baltimore to Philadelphia to New York City as well as the nation's capital, Washington, D.C.  I-95 is the main artery of the east, absorbing a taste of each city's culture as it passes through. Collectively, these cultures are the Beast Coast.  

From being sold in the trunk of a car and then moving into online and retail stores, 95 to Infinity was started in the suburbs of Washington D.C. in 2014. 

Inspired by street culture and luxury lifestyle, 95 to Infinity is a ubiquitous east coast streetwear clothing brand that strives to inspire individuality and self-expression amongst counter-culture millennials.

Many of our progressive designs are inspired by a combination of current day sub-cultural movements and fascinations, hip-hop culture, and street art - all originating from Washington, D.C.

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